Crock Pot Healthy Dinners

Over the past few months food bank clients have been the recipients of healthy home cooked meals made in their own crock pots!  Thanks to Susan Nairn and Shamrock Lodge we have received well over 100 meals prepared by volunteers under Susan’s direction. Susan is a certified food handler and of course Shamrock Lodge has a certified Kitchen. Volunteers come together and prepare crock pot meals from fresh vegetables and meat, put them in a freezer bag, freeze them and bring them to the food bank. Here our clients collect them and take them home.  All they have to do is follow the directions on the bag, thawing them for 24 hrs, placing them in a crock pot (provided), and cook for 4 hours.  Voila! A delicious home cooked meal.

We were featured on CTV News (Barrie) last night and, for those of you interested, here is the link:

Thank you Susan and all your faithful donors and volunteers.