Minutes of AGM

On April 21 we had our first official AGM.  It was a good time to review where we have come from and dream about the future.  There were 27 people present representing most of our community organizations, churches and one council member from the township/district.  At the meeting our statistics, finances and budget were approved.  A slate of officers were elected, and future initiatives discussed.  Our faithful volunteers were honoured and we enjoyed a delicious lunch thanks to the catering of Dawna Roy.  For those interested, the minutes are posted below:


April 21, 2016


Lynn Macpherson, Rev John McCauley, Dr. Terry Chute, Marilyn Chute, Sandra Gostick, Karen Holdsworth, Edna Gostick, Rev Steven Smith, Ginny Wadge, Don Wadge, Mavis Legris, Angela and rick Newfeld, Gail Decaire, Lynn McBride, Linda Stringer, Donna Hillyard, Linda Hutton, Pamela Smith, Rev Margaret Johnston, Nan Allen, Rev Sue Woods, Detective Constable Don Hammond, Janet Leenaars, Councillor Ruth Nishikawa, Richard Graham, Dawna Roy


Terry Chute thanked people for coming.We went around the circle with people giving their name, community and any church and/or organization that they represented.

Opening Prayer:

Offered by Rev John McCauley

Adoption of Agenda as Circulated:

Moved by Angela Newfeld, Seconded by Linda Hutton; carried


Terry Chute gave a brief history of all that led to the formation of the West Muskoka Food Bank:

– 20 or more years ago the idea of a Christmas food drive came from a men’s Bible study group in Bala. Const. Don Hammond and Rev Steven Smith took leading roles.

  • This evolved into an attempt year round to respond to needs for food in the community. Each of 6 churches were responsible for 2 months of the year.

  • Five years ago it was decided to have a regular location and hours of operation.

  • Summer 2015 we were the designated charity for the Mayor’s Golf Tournament This gave the food bank greatly increased visibility.

  • A major donor came forward offering to fund ongoing initiatives including the legal process of incorporation. This was accomplished under the name of “The West Muskoka Food Bank”.

  • Charitable status was applied for from CRA and we recently received word from the lawyer that we will be receiving a confirmation letter with our charitable number in the coming weeks.

  • We have put appropriate insurance in place through First Brook, Cassie and Anderson Insurance in Port Carling.

  • We have sought out an accountant to receive our financial records and file income tax returns.

  • Having previously had a spring and fall volunteer meeting, we decided to make the spring meeting the AGM.

Financial and Non-financial Statistics:

see documents attached.

Angela Newfeld shared what it is like to be a food bank user. We have no means test. We allow clients to “shop” for what they need and always endeavor to respect the dignity of the clients.

Financial Report:

see documents attached.

Marilyn Chute spoke to our financila status and budget for 2016. We anticipate Richard Onley giving us an official report before filing for income tax. It was noted that we should have stated the current bank ballance. It is $41,351.52 as of March 31, 2016. We thanked Gail Decaire, treasurer of FMCCC for her diligence in keeping track of donations made through the church, including issuing of tax receipts. This activity will cease when we receive our own charitable number.

Moved by Marilyn Chute, seconded by Richard Graham that we accept the financial report. …. carried.

The budget figures were explained and discussed. The food bank as an incorporated body begins its history with certain assets. Ongoing we will have to show CRA appropriate use of money received by donation.

Moved by Marilyn Chute, seconded by Janet Leenaars that we accept the budget for 2016. … carried.

Moved by Don Hammond, seconded by Richard Graham that we appoint Richard Onley as our accountant. …. carried.

New Business:

A lengthly discussion ensued about the possibility of a change in location. Dawna Roy spoke to her feelings of there being a space issue in our current location. She observes some tension when some clients are shopping while others are waiting. Lynda stringer mentioned the problem of accessability which could be adressed in a new location. Richard Graham talked about the advantages of the Glen Orchard Community Centre: central location, back entrance with few stairs, 2 washrooms, reasonable or possibly no rent required by the township, room for extra programs such as :Getting Ahead”, room for everything (frig, freezer, storage etc) all in 1 room. Angela Newfeld spoke to the fact that First Nations People have a history with Christian churches, which may impact their comfort level in coming to the food bank located in a church. Nan Allen has not seen any evidence of this. Dawna Roy suggested that we are not talking about the current clients but about those not coming. Pamela Smith said that hungry people will come. Ruth Nishikawa referenced the success of community suppers in church basements in Gravenhurst and Bracebridge. Lind Hutton suggested that the food bank could fund meals going to shut-ins or elderly by way of Meals on Wheels. Presently they deliver 12 meals/wk. Nan Allen emphasized the needs of the elderly living on fixed incomes.

A decision in this regard will be made by the board at their meeting in June.

Nominations for slate of officers for 2016:

chair – Dr. Terry Chute

vice-chair – Rev. Steven Smith

sec/treasurer – Ms. Marilyn Chute

board member – Det. Const. Don Hammond

board member – Mr. Richard Graham

client representative – Ms. Angela Newfeld

Moved by , seconded by that the above slate be approved. …. carried.

Volunteer Recognition:

Certificates were presented to many of our wonderful folunteers for their faithful service.


Moved by Lynda Stringer

Rev Smith said grace for the lunch that followed, catered by Dawna Roy

respectively submitted,

Marilyn Chute