Approval of charitable Tax Status with CRA

At the AGM held last week it was announced that our charitable status had been verbally approved and we were just waiting for the official documentation.  Today we received it and are now known as 79793 4890 RR0001 by CRA.  We now have the privilege of issuing tax receipts directly through the food bank.  This has been a 10 month journey that has been brought to fruition at last through the skilful guidance of our lawyer Nathalie Tinti at Barriston Law in Bracebridge.  We thank her and her staff for their diligence in helping us to achieve this.

The annual meeting approved our first budget and appointed our accountant, Richard Onley C.A. of Bracebridge.  We also officially elected our first Board of Directors for a 1 year term of office.  This completes the legalities of incorporation, and being recognized as a charitable business.  We can now focus on dreams for the future and providing additional services to our community.  We look forward to 2016 as a year of consolidation and growth.